Lago Palms Resort

Lago Palms – A Lakeshore resort stands amidst swaying Eucalyptus trees, with the breeze carrying the whiff of freshness while the lush green lawns give the place enormous character and charm creating an intimate and warm atmosphere ideal for a short getaway. Lago Palms defines it all at the same time. An ideal place for a Business Conference, Corporate Training, Outbound Team Building, Social Events (Marriage, Reception or Birthday) parties of all proportions and a short vacation. At Lago Palms we welcome you with warmth and a smile to experience a home away from home, A getaway from a routine madness of work pressures and deadlines. A place where you will find peace and can forge a renewed connection and captivate immeasurable memories spending quality time in the lap of nature with family and friends. Our restaurant is a destination to refuel, replenish and refresh and where you can taste variety of dishes and enjoy your moments to savor.

More information at www.lagopalmsresort.com