ORYX Village

Oryx Village located in Kanhangad, Kerala. has been winning hearts in the city in a short span of time since its launch. We exhibit the cultural richness of India, Our restaurant make sure that our customers feel the essence of South India right from our food, the serving, the ambience, the staff, etc. Come and experience a meal at your favourite spots. Treat yourself to some unique dishes and drinks, specially prepared by our talented chefs. All our food is freshly prepared on a daily basis ensuring that you receive only the finest cuisine ,delicious to taste. Our food not only tastes good it looks wonderful as well. Our staff understand that this is your day and that we need to be polite and courteous. We strive for excellence both in the quality of our food and in our interaction with you. At Oryx Village we follow strict standards on service, quality and presentation. We use only the finest ingredients in all of our dishes to ensure that every meal we serve is delicious and nutritious.

Facilities Available in Oryx Village are: 1. Village Cafe : Oryx cafe is the Kerala's favourite hangout for coffee and conversations. cafe offers a great atmosphere for a fun, specially those who love to night out with friends. 2. Jungle Restaurant : Well, your wait is over as the Bamboo themed wilderness of The Jungle restaurant, located inside Oryx Village. The unique ambiance of this theme restaurant makes you forget the daily work pressures. Our main aim is to provide the best in both food and service. 3. Village Restaurant: New dining experience with uncompromised taste and quality, destined to be the envy of the casual dining business. Its the right place to team up your food with the right ambience. 4. Live Fish Corner: In Live fish counter varieties of Fish items will be displayed. Visitors can select the Fish according to their wish. Once the selection is done, particular fish is cleaned and fried infront of the Customer. we source fresh fish everyday directly from local markets and serve them to our customers the very same day. 5. Prayer Hall : A Peaceful air conditioned Prayer hall is available in Oryx Village for the Visitors or Guests. It is accessible during the regular Oryx Village hours. The purpose of a prayer room is to provide a calm, clean and neutral environment where prayers can be offered. 6. Kids Play Area : Planning to step out for a best meal with the kids and wracking your brains to find the perfect place at your budget? No worries, Oryx Village that make for child-friendly spaces – ensuring, both you and the little ones have a good time and a great meal. An outdoor play area will help your children get the fresh air and exercise that is so beneficial to their health and happiness.

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